Pupil Premium

Our policy is to integrate all children into school life and every child must have access to the whole curriculum. As part of our induction programme, we liaise with parents and other agencies to ensure that we have made the best possible provision for any child who may have special needs or any other particular requirements of a physical, emotional, medical or educational nature.


Ours is a single storey building and, although some of the doors may be difficult to negotiate, we consider that we are able to accommodate wheelchairs or the needs of anyone with physical disabilities should the need arise. We do have easy access toilet and shower facilities.


See also: Special Educational Needs


Pupil Premium Grant 


The Pupil Premium Grant is allocated to schools according to the number of children who are in receipt of free school meals. This number is calculated on the January Census Day.                                        The school received £4,800 for the academic year 2012/13. The grant funded the training of teachers and purchased resources to develop a new approach to writing: Talk For Writing.  This has supported the development of all the pupils' writing and language skills, particularly those who would benefit from a more kinaesthetic style.  Each teacher has a focus group which includes those for whom the funding is intended. Although there was not a significant improvement in the actual writing levels of most of the children, who attracted the grant, they are clearly more engaged and interested in story-telling. 


In 2013/14 year our allocation of Pupil Premium was £7,200. We have used most of the grant to fund two additional teachers to support Mathematics, Reading and Writing throughout the school. The additional teaching impacted very positively, particularly for Year 6 whose progress was exceptionally good.  The Year 1 phonics and Year 2 SAT attainment levels were also very good.


This year we have received £22,000.  The funding is again being used to provide additional teaching; in the autumn term for three mornings a week in Year 1.  This enables YR, Y1 and Y2 to be taught separately and benefits all the children, allowing them to start the year with more focussed teaching.    In the spring term Y6 will again be split and receive three mornings a week of intensive teaching.  Focus groups will receive additional English and Mathematics teaching during afternoons in the spring term.


The funding is also supporting Mrs Dee Noble, our Inclusion Manager/SENCo for one day a week.