Charges and Remissions

Music Tuition

We are fortunate to have three peripatetic music teachers:

Mr Reeve: violin and 'cello

Mr Tyler: guitar

Mrs Greene: woodwind and piano/keyboard/recorder.

Music tuition is provided through Essex Music Services. The peripatetic tutors provide a service in addition to the normal curriculum entitlement and offer lessons within the school day. Charges are based on the number of weeks contracted each term and the length of lesson.


Educational Visits

When a visit is proposed, parents will be informed in writing of the full details, including the costs incurred. They will be invited to make a voluntary contribution towards the cost of such a visit, on the understanding that unless sufficient funds are raised, the visit may not be able to go ahead.

This may also be the case in the event of a visit to the school of an organisation that makes charges, such as a travelling theatre company or planetarium. However, no child will be excluded from any such visit on the basis of its parent's inability to contribute.

FOTS are often willing to subsidise trips and visits. FOTS have also kindly agreed to fund trips for those children receiving free school meals, should this be necessary. This is agreed with the headteacher in complete confidence.


Charging for finished products

There may be circumstances in which it will be possible for pupils to purchase finished models, which have formed part of their work. Any such purchase will be at a nominal or cost price.



At present governors will not remit for individual music tuition, but for any parent who is in receipt of Income Support, income-based Jobseeker's Allowance or Working/Child Tax Credit, or whose income is assessed at the level equivalent to apply for the benefits, then vouchers may be available which can substantially reduce the cost of these lessons.