Medicines in School

Wherever possible, we would expect parents to accept full responsibilty for the administering of any medication to their children.  However, there are times and circumstances where it is necessary to administer medication during the school day.  If you wish your child to receive medication, requests must be made in writing on forms which are available outside the School Office. Medication can usually only be dispensed at break or lunchtimes.

 Medication must be delivered in an appropriate container, which is clearly labelled with all the relevant details, including correct dosage, with a medicinal spoon if needed.  Medicines are usually kept locked in the Medical Room and should be collected by parents via the School Office/classroom at the end of the day.

Should medication need to be close to the child, such as for asthmatics, then this will be kept in the classroom.  For children who have to take medication on a long-term basis, a Care Plan will be drawn up in conjunction with the parents and school nurse, should this be necessary.

It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that their child's medication is not out of date.  Parents must always keep the school informed of any conditions which a child might have or develops during their time at our school.  The child's name will then be added to the School's Medical Register, a copy of which is kept in the School Office, and a Care Plan created.