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Welcome to Tendring Primary School

The staff, governors and children are very pleased to welcome you to our school. We are dedicated to ensuring that every child is valued as an individual and is given the opportunity to share and extend their own strengths and talents.

We strive to provide our pupils with a safe, happy and purposeful environment in which they receive high quality education and a wealth of experiences, both inside and outside the classroom.

Situated at the heart of the village and its community, we are delighted that many of our past pupils and their parents keep in touch and are still keen to support the school.

The information on the website is designed to introduce you to our school but cannot convey the real ethos of our community. Therefore we warmly welcome prospective parents and children to visit us at any time.


Anne Clarke




Meet the Teacher Meetings will take place at 3.00pm and are on the following dates in September:

Tues 9th: Hedgehogs

Weds 10th: Hares

Thurs 11th: Foxes  

Thurs 11th: 3.20 Aylmerton Meeting, followed by Badgers’ ‘Meet the teacher



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                                    Active Earth’

This term our whole school topic is called ‘Active Earth’.  KS1 will be learning all about dinosaurs and we would appreciate any models or books that you may have that will help us with this topic.  KS2 will focus on discovering the evolution of the earth through rocks and fossils, early settlements, volcanoes, earthquakes, mountains and the water cycle. Also about how humans and animals adapt to changes including changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age and changes to the human skeleton over time.

New Dinner Menu for September 2014

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